How to harness the power of headless for your brand

Join Swell and premier agency, Half Helix, as they explore how high-growth brands are using API-first technology to transform business and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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Consumers today expect ecommerce experiences that are engaging, innovative, and intuitive. Unfortunately, traditional monolithic platforms have rigid limitations that can lead to stifled creativity and lackluster customer experiences.


In this webinar, learn how your brand can take advantage of flexible, scalable tech to beat out competitors and win the eyes (and wallets) of consumers today.

What we’ll cover

  • How consumer expectations have changed and how your brand can keep up
  • The pitfalls of traditional monolithic commerce platforms
  • The benefits of going headless and why customization is key to staying ahead of the curve
  • How platform flexibility powers business growth
  • Q&A with premier agency Half Helix


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